Iron Mole




This design is inspired by the story 'At the Earths Core', by Edgar Rice Burroughs.A simple kit, but with great detail. Also excellent for Wargaming and RPG's.

Cavorite Sphere




The Cavorite Sphere, inspired by H.G. Wells story, 'The First Men in the Moon'. The whole model sits on a Moonscape base 135mm wide. Would make a great drop ship for Steampunk wargames and RPG's!.

Morlock Sphinx


Morlock Sphinx


The Morlock Sphinx inspired by H.G. Well's The Time Machine. This is a multi part model in ten resin parts for the building and fourteen metal parts for the sirens. Designed for 28mm scale miniatures.



Steampunk Airship


Airship on iron column, would be excellent as part of a Steampunk chess set, but great on its own as a decorative piece, or marker for other games.